“Getting Your Daughter Ready For Her Teens” 

27th May 2016    4 places remaining

You’re mum to a pre-teen daughter (age 9-11)

You know you can’t live her life for her but you would like to know how best to coach her from the sidelines. How to help her stay true to herself and build on her strengths so she can thrive and cope with the pressures of her teenage years? Sound familiar?

Hello. I’m Claire Cairns.

I’m a personal development coach and I help mums like you to prepare their daughters for their teens. Through the mum’s toolkit, group workshops and discreet 1:1 guidance, I equip you with the tools to teach your daughter the skills needed to cope in times of adversity, to build a healthy self-esteem and develop body confidence. These tools and ideas will help you to get your daughter ready for her teens.

I also send out a regular post with free tips and ideas to help you spot unhealthy patterns, handle awkward situations and answer tricky questions when the need arises.

These are my posts. This is my story.

I hope you find something here to help your daughter.